Who are affected

Some certain Linux distros as Guardian containers, like SLES jobs on Concourse.

How to reproduce

Create a SLES 11 SP4 Guardian container, then

# useradd john
# su - john
$ python -c "import pty; pty.fork()"
OSError: out of pty devices

Why is this

A pseudo TTY (or “PTY”) is a pair of devices — a slave and a master — that provide a special sort of communication channel.

Linux has a virtual filesystem called devpts that is normally mounted at /dev/pts. Whenever a new pseudo TTY is created, a device node for the slave is created in that virtual filesystem.

“Unix98” Single Unix Specification (SUS) requires that the group ID of the slave device should not be that of the creating process, but rather some definite, though unspecified, value. The GNU C Library (glibc) takes responsibility for implementing this requirement; it quite reasonably chooses the ID of the group named “tty” (often 5) to fill this role. If the devpts filesystem is mounted with options gid=5,mode=620, this group ID and the required access mode will be used and glibc will be happy. If not, glibc will (if so configured) run a setuid helper found at /usr/libexec/pt_chown.

The problem is some Linux distros don’t provide the setuid helper pt_chown, if devpts is not mounted with option gid=5, the device node could not be created with tty group.

Fix and workaround

Guardian’s default mount options are fixed now, workaround is adding normal users into tty group.


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